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hardware based TV Ambient-Light "SCIMO" - Firmware update

How to update firmware at SCIMO


Firmware Update

Firmware update for SCIMO can by done without any special hardware (like JTAG programmer) by using SCIMO USB drive. For this just copy new firmware file to SCIMO drive.
Please notice that in some cases all content of SCIMO drive is overwritten when updating firmware. Because of that please make a backup copy of all config files ( *.ini ) to your lokal hard drive on PC before updating firmware.



step by step instruction:

  1. download Firmware update file for SCIMO here: SCIMO firmware update file
  2. Connect only USB cable and power cable to SCIMO (do not connect video cable and LED stripe cable) -> a drive SCIMO MSC will appear on PC.
  3. Make backup copy of all config files ( *.ini), copy it to PC. Also save file "version.txt" to PC. Do not delete "version.txt" from SCIMO drive !
  4. Copy new firmware "firmware.bin" on SCIMO USB drive and wait until it is finished (takes up to 60 seconds).
  5. Remove only USB cable -> SCIMO starts the update procedure which is visible at flashing onboard LEDs.
    Attention: Do not remove power supply until update procedure is finished (takes up to 120 seconds). Otherwise SCIMO will not work anymore.
    If update procedure is finished, SCIMO goes into standby mode which is visible by static red light from power LED.
  6. Connect the USB cable to SCIMO and check your configuration files. If necessary, copy your old configuration file(s) to SCIMO MSC drive.
  7. The successful firmware update can be check in file "version.txt" on SCIMO drive. There you can see which version is currently running.


Published on: Wednesday, 14. September 2016 (16397 reads)
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