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hardware based TV Ambient-Light "SCIMO" - hardware V1.2

hardware V1.2 description


"SCIMO V1.2" hardware
SCIMO V1.2 hardware


assembled PCB "SCIMO V1.2"
assembled PCB SCIMO V1.2 topside  assembled PCB SCIMO V1.2 backside


  • Standalone device: video analysis and control of the LEDs is done in hard realtime by powerfull microcontroller
  • Video input (PAL, NTSC, SECAM): S-Video (Y/C) or Composite (CVBS)
  • USB full speed device (for initial configuration via PC)
  • Included receiver for infrared remote control
  • up to 240 RGB LEDs (zones) can be separately controlled
  • supported digital LED / ICs and protocols: WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B
  • Firmwareupdate via USB
  • automatically wakes up or goes into standby depending on video signal (e.g. if TV, PC switched on/off)
  • adjustable LED delay time (to compensate TV input delay)
  • precise adjustable LED colors (red, green, blue, gamma) to match color on TV

Video Processing:

  • Video analysis: done by very powerfull 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and FPU (Floating Point Unit)
  • realtime operation system used in microcontroller are optimized for best performance and needed resources
  • Video deocder: TVP5150AM1 from Texas Instruments digitizes analog video signal
  • internal Video Data Format: ITU-R BT.656 ( 8 data bits at 27 MHz pixel clock )
  • analysing each video frame (50/60 Hz) which gives very responsive and dynamic LED colors
  • processing ~22 MByte/sec. of video data


technical data (SCIMO V1.2 board):

  • Indicator Panel : Power , Videosignal
  • Supply Voltage : 5 VDC +/- 5 %
  • Input Power (Powered up, without external LEDs) : 5 V * 0.19 A = 0,95 W
  • Input Power (Standby) : 5 V * 0.06 A = 0,3 W
  • Board Dimensions = 50 mm * 60 mm
  • Operating Temperture : 0 °C to 40 °C
  • StorageTemperture : -40 °C to 70 °C
  • Humidity : 10 % to 90 % (non-condensing)
  • Weight : 35 g
  • max. current for LEDs : max. 11 A @ 5VDC


supported color formats:

  • PAL (B, D, G, H, I, M, N, Nc)
  • NTSC (J, M, 4.43)
  • SECAM (B, D, G, K, K1, L)



  • S-Video or Composite input (video signal)
  • USB 2.0 (for initial configuration)
  • power supply input ( 5 Vdc / max. 11 ampere )
  • LED stripe connector (for digital RGB LED stripes)


hardware feature:

  • automatic low-power standby mode
  • multi video connector (S-Video or Composite or dual Composite)
  • 5V pass-through power supply for LED stripes
  • power supply of LEDs are switched off if SCIMO is in standby mode -> eliminates idle current of LEDs
  • infrared remote control receiver
  • two dual colour LEDs shows current status (video signal detection, power mode)
  • onboard microswitch
  • ESD protection


function description

LED states
LED1: power state (on/off)
LED2: video signal available



SCIMO V1.2 enclosure front  SCIMO V1.2 enclosure back


The enclosure was produced by technology SLS "selective laser sintering" and can be ordered directly from a company which is specialized for 3D printing : SCIMO_V1.2 enclosure @

The prototypes were designed and tested using the techonolgy SLS, so i strongly recommend to choose the option "Plastic Sintering" when ordering a enclosure from this company. There you can also choose a color you prefer.

Attention: Please do not scale the printing object ! Outer dimensions of this printing object are: 70 x 57 x 28.5 mm.

Additional there are some parts needed like screws, rubber feet and so on, please check table below to see what else is needed.


SCIMO V1.2 enclosure inside  SCIMO V1.2 enclosure back


complete partlist of the enclosure :

Value Short description Quantity EAN ordner number
(german electronic distributor:
HHP-4A-PCW Light guide for front panel mounting ( Ø x H ) 5.4 mm x 4.5 mm 1 4016138740479 Q62924
RSLP-3-200-F Richco LED Light guide Flat lens 2 2050000565885 Q67132
M3 x 10 Linsenkopfschraube Kreuzschlitz DIN7985 M3 X10 4 4016138318562 C93234
1421T6CL Hammond Electronics feet self-adhesive, round nature ( Ø x H ) 7.9 mm x 2.2 mm 4 623980566337 W63082
2273 SCIMO V1.2 enclosure for SLS printing (70 x 57 x 28.5 mm) SCIMO_V1.2 enclosure @ 1  




Dimensions of the board SCIMO V1.2
Dimensions of the board SCIMO V1.2

How connect WS2812B LED stripes:
LED stripe installation SCIMO V1.2



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