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Mitul Parmar (as Guest) Wednesday, March 16 2016 21:48 Wednesday, March 16 2016 21:48
Entry #199


I would like to buy the Scimo.

How much would it be shipped to the UK?



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EW (as Guest) Sunday, March 13 2016 21:21 Sunday, March 13 2016 21:21
Entry #198

I would like to buy a Scimo, can you send me cost/payment instructions for shipping to the USA? Thanks!

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Paul (as Guest) Thursday, February 11 2016 20:52 Thursday, February 11 2016 20:52
Entry #197

Can you sent met the price and shipping cost for The Netherlands for a complete setup? Thnx, Paul

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David Johansson (as Guest) Tuesday, February 09 2016 12:06 Tuesday, February 09 2016 12:06
Entry #196

Hi, how can I order a few SCIMO 1.2's? What is the price per unit and how long until delivery? :)

Thank you in advance!

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J. O'Hara (as Guest) Sunday, February 07 2016 20:27 Sunday, February 07 2016 20:27
Entry #195

Like many of the posts to this site, I am very interested in purchasing the SCIMO device and would like to know where I need to go to get it.

Thanks for any info you can supply.

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HAFMaster (as Guest) Saturday, February 06 2016 22:25 Saturday, February 06 2016 22:25
Entry #194

I am very interested in purchasing the hardware for the SCIMO project. Could you please inform me how to purchase this project for the USA.

Thank you for your consideration and the time and effort that you have put into this project.

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Nejme (as Guest) Saturday, January 30 2016 13:39 Saturday, January 30 2016 13:39
Entry #193

Hi there!

May I buy SCIMO here? Can I get more info about the price (full kit or just board)?


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a satisfied user (as Guest) Tuesday, January 26 2016 09:40 Tuesday, January 26 2016 09:40
Entry #192

Hi Ronny,

Are you going to share the stl files of the enclosure, as a gift, to the people who bought the Scimo hardware 1.2 kit?
(Getting a enclosure for free would be nicer though :) )
We are still enjoying and satisfied with your kit.

Keep the good work.

I will make the enclosure available for everbody to order directy from a 3D printing service company. [ Edited by Admin: 01/26/2016 ]

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A. Crespin (as Guest) Wednesday, January 20 2016 17:02 Wednesday, January 20 2016 17:02
Entry #191

Good morning,

I submitted an email to the webmaster inquiring how much a board would cost (including shipping) and if there is a discount for buying multiple units?

Thank you!

Please notice this FAQ:

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Oak (as Guest) Wednesday, January 20 2016 08:45 Wednesday, January 20 2016 08:45
Entry #190

Hi there!

May I buy SCIMO here? Can I get more info about the price (full kit or just board)?


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Matze (as Guest) Friday, January 15 2016 15:25 Friday, January 15 2016 15:25
Entry #189

Hi Ronny, ich habe jetzt das Scimo Projekt bei mir abgeschlossen und ich muss sagen ich bin Resultat begeistert. Ich wollte mich noch mal bei dir für die Unterstützung/ Infos per Mail bedanken und auch dass du uns so ein tolles Projekt zur Verfügung stellst. Gruß Matze

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Paxel (as Guest) Wednesday, January 13 2016 18:21 Wednesday, January 13 2016 18:21
Entry #188

Hi there,
Is is possible to order one SCIMO unit? What is the price/shipping cost?
Please contact me on my email.
Great project!

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Christoph (as Guest) Friday, January 08 2016 15:37 Friday, January 08 2016 15:37
Entry #187

Grüß dich,

auch mich würde der Preis interessieren. Ich selbst habe einen 46 Zoll SAMSUNG TV und würde diesen gern um diese Komponente erweitern.

Danke vorab!

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Tobias (as Guest) Monday, January 04 2016 15:15 Monday, January 04 2016 15:15
Entry #186

Hallo Ronny,

kannst Du mir Details (Preis/Optionen) zur Bestellung von Deinem Scimo per mail schicken?

Vielen Dank, beste Grüße und frohes neues Jahr

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Keith Parker (as Guest) Friday, January 01 2016 23:56 Friday, January 01 2016 23:56
Entry #185

Hi there:I am from Canada can you tell me how much it would cost me for your newies kit very interested in it Thank you.

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