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Alexandr (as Guest) Friday, 01. January 2016 21:20 Friday, 01. January 2016 21:20
Entry #184

I\'m very interested in your SCIMO project and watching it\'s progress last 4 years. Did you plan to sell SCIMO devices in future? I really want to have it =)

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Waldist (as Guest) Wednesday, 30. December 2015 00:59 Wednesday, 30. December 2015 00:59
Entry #183

The project is amazing.
Please can You write, how to find the SCIMO V1.2 board, to install this at home.

Best Regards

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Dave (as Guest) Wednesday, 23. December 2015 02:26 Wednesday, 23. December 2015 02:26
Entry #182

Hello love this system any chance of buying a full kit or just the board
Thank you

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FJTOL (as Guest) Friday, 04. December 2015 21:55 Friday, 04. December 2015 21:55
Entry #181

Hi there, very interesting proyect. I\\\'ve been loocking for some info during days and I\\\'ve found what I was lookinf for.
I am very interested in buying a SCIMO, what\\\'s the price and How could I get one?

Thanks in advance, regards.


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Devin (as Guest) Tuesday, 01. December 2015 23:42 Tuesday, 01. December 2015 23:42
Entry #180


I\'m interested in purchasing a SCIMO kit from you. I hear that there requires some setting up, which is not a problem as long as i don\'t have to do any sodering.

Is it possible to buy one form your site?

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Alexander Chechota (as Guest) Tuesday, 01. December 2015 09:28 Tuesday, 01. December 2015 09:28
Entry #179

sell me, please

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A satisfied user (as Guest) Friday, 20. November 2015 11:03 Friday, 20. November 2015 11:03
Entry #178

Hi keiang,

I have another feature request.
Add an extra Moodlight modus which acts as an anti burglar light. A good example is wwwdotfaketvdotcom.


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Sergey Lysikov (as Guest) Thursday, 19. November 2015 00:43 Thursday, 19. November 2015 00:43
Entry #177

Hi,I really like that your scimo is a stand alone device,because I have some other devices and those are bigger and require more wiring and work only on PC.I live in US.And I would like to know if there's any way I can get scimo?


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riddle (as Guest) Tuesday, 03. November 2015 15:23 Tuesday, 03. November 2015 15:23
Entry #176

Hi, can i get some info about price for SCIMO V1.2?


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Juan (as Guest) Tuesday, 03. November 2015 02:17 Tuesday, 03. November 2015 02:17
Entry #175

I ve been following your proyect two yeats ago
I m very interested to kmow about buy one unit
Please tell me how I could get one

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A satisfied user (as Guest) Monday, 02. November 2015 11:44 Monday, 02. November 2015 11:44
Entry #174

Hi scimo, I have a feature request.
Making it possible to choose between powering off the device or switch to Moodlight mode when no input signal is detected.

Thanks for your feedback, i will check if it can be included. [keiang]

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Steve (as Guest) Saturday, 24. October 2015 17:56 Saturday, 24. October 2015 17:56
Entry #173

Great project. Looks to be by far the best solution for DIY ambilight. Please let me know when you start selling the complete kit.

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Anand Mishra (as Guest) Tuesday, 20. October 2015 09:53 Tuesday, 20. October 2015 09:53
Entry #172

I am always searching online for articles that can help me. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also. Anand Mishra

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Julien V (as Guest) Friday, 02. October 2015 11:14 Friday, 02. October 2015 11:14
Entry #171

Woww !
I like you ambilight solution !
Where can we find SCIMO V1.2 ?
Nice nice nice !!! :D

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A satisfied user (as Guest) Wednesday, 16. September 2015 10:34 Wednesday, 16. September 2015 10:34
Entry #170

:) Wow. Reading the difficult is that?

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