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Shumway (as Guest) Friday, November 04 2016 09:13 Friday, November 04 2016 09:13
Entry #211

Hi Ronny

Neues Outfit - ist super gelungen. Die Schrift vielleicht etwas grösser. Ansonsten perfekt :cool:

Kann ich so ein Ambient-Light bei Dir erwerben ?

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bitstreamout (as Guest) Saturday, October 15 2016 13:12 Saturday, October 15 2016 13:12
Entry #210


I've owned a SCIMO and installed it with help of a seperate frame behind a PANASONIC TV. Now the problem is that due to the fact that the TV has its I/O on the right side seen from the backside I've choosen the anti-clockwise layout. But even with LED_DATA_DIRECTION / string=anti-clockwise the result is a mirrored on the vertial middle axis in comparison to the picture on the screen.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
from KeiAng: For support please send me message: [ Edited by Admin: 21/10/2016 ]

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TN (as Guest) Wednesday, September 28 2016 09:02 Wednesday, September 28 2016 09:02
Entry #209

I would like to buy a scimo please.

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Sata (as Guest) Friday, September 09 2016 07:13 Friday, September 09 2016 07:13
Entry #208

Ordered the SCIMO online as linked by Keiang. Finally got it today as a surprised! Have to order LEDs now, so excited.

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Luis (as Guest) Wednesday, May 18 2016 14:39 Wednesday, May 18 2016 14:39
Entry #207


I am interested on buying SCIMO, How/where to buy it from?

thank you and good work.


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Bart (as Guest) Tuesday, May 10 2016 09:19 Tuesday, May 10 2016 09:19
Entry #206

Bart (as Guest) Sunday, May 25 2014 23:14 Sunday, Entry #70

Wow! After 2 years if checking in periodically you listed an update as available to buy! :)

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Juan Carlos (as Guest) Thursday, May 05 2016 16:24 Thursday, May 05 2016 16:24
Entry #205


Where can I buy a Scimo for Spain?

Thanks a lot.

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Scimo (as Guest) Monday, April 18 2016 22:28 Monday, April 18 2016 22:28
Entry #204

Hallo hätte Interesse am scimo Bord, wäre nett wenn du dich mal.meldest :)

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Ross Crowley (as Guest) Sunday, April 17 2016 16:51 Sunday, April 17 2016 16:51
Entry #203

Hi, I would like to buy scimo , could you email me please about buying it

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Hans (as Guest) Wednesday, April 06 2016 02:20 Wednesday, April 06 2016 02:20
Entry #202

I would like purchase ambilight boards, if it is possible. Let me know the price of the board and shipping to US :)

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Juan de Dios (as Guest) Sunday, April 03 2016 21:10 Sunday, April 03 2016 21:10
Entry #201

I would like to buy SCIMO
Can you sent me the price and shipping cost for Spain?

Thank you.

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Dimitris (as Guest) Thursday, March 17 2016 13:26 Thursday, March 17 2016 13:26
Entry #200

Hi there!

I would like to buy SCIMO
Can you sent me the price and shipping cost for Greece?

Thank you in advance and Congrats for the project!

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Mitul Parmar (as Guest) Wednesday, March 16 2016 21:48 Wednesday, March 16 2016 21:48
Entry #199


I would like to buy the Scimo.

How much would it be shipped to the UK?



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EW (as Guest) Sunday, March 13 2016 21:21 Sunday, March 13 2016 21:21
Entry #198

I would like to buy a Scimo, can you send me cost/payment instructions for shipping to the USA? Thanks!

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Paul (as Guest) Thursday, February 11 2016 20:52 Thursday, February 11 2016 20:52
Entry #197

Can you sent met the price and shipping cost for The Netherlands for a complete setup? Thnx, Paul

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