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hardware based TV Ambient-Light "SCIMO" - hardware V1.0

hardware V1.0 description

How connect WS2812B LED stripes:
Hardware Installation SCIMO V1.0


  • Standalone device: video analysis and control of the LEDs is done in realtime by the microcontroller
  • Video input ( PAL, NTSC, SECAM): S-Video or Composite (CVBS)
  • Audio input: S/PDIF TOSLINK (for sound to light control)
  • USB full speed device (for initial configuration via PC)
  • Included receiver for infrared remote control
  • up to 240 zones (LEDs) can used for video analysis, processed with 50/60 fps
  • configurable signal delay to compensate TV display input lag
  • digital LED / IC and protocols: DMX512 single ended, WS28xx, TM18xx ...
  • Integrated 5V/3A Step-down regulator for digital LEDs -> only one power supply needed ( 7V - 30Vdc )
  • Firmwareupdate via USB
  • Device automatically wakes up or goes into standby, depending on existing video signal and/or audio signal (eg if TV, PC switched on/off)

technical data:

  • Video analysis: done by very powerfull 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and FPU (Floating Point Unit)
  • realtime operation system used in microcontroller are optimized for best performance and needed resources
  • Video deocder: TVP5150AM1 from Texas Instruments digitizes analog video signal
  • internal Video Data Format: ITU-R BT.656 ( 8 data bits at 27 MHz pixel clock )



  • S-Video input (video signal)
  • Composite input (video signal)
  • USB 2.0 (for initial configuration of SCIMO, PC needed)
  • power supply input ( 7V - 30Vdc / max. 3.0A )
  • Toslink (optical audio input)
  • four universal LED stripe connectors (supports simple (analog) or digital RGB LED stripes)

hardware feature:

  • onboard fuse and reverse polarity protection at power supply input
  • automatic low-power standby mode
  • integrated 5V/3A power supply for 5V LED stripes
  • 12V pass-through power supply for 12V LED stripes
  • infrared remote control receiver
  • two dual colour LEDs shows current status (video signal detection, standby mode)
  • onboard microswitch
  • ESD protection

Ambient-Light hardware concept: Scimo V1.0
Ambient-Light hardware concept: Scimo V1.0

Dimensions of the board Scimo V1.0
Dimensions of the board Scimo V1.0

Image of PCB created with Eagle3D
Image of PCB created with Eagle3D

PCB "Scimo V1.0"
PCB Scimo V1.0 topsidePCB Scimo V1.0 bottomside

assembled PCB
assembled PCB Scimo V1.0 topsideassembled PCB Scimo V1.0 bottomside






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