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hardware based TV Ambient-Light "SCIMO" - Surround LEDs

additional Surround LEDs ( DMX512 based)


This function is available at hardware "SCIMO V1.1" only !

SCIMO allows to activate an additional surround LED channel which works independently of digital LED stripes placed behind TV.  This surround channel is intended to be used as light source in backside of room which color is calculated as an average of full TV screen image.
Unlike normal LED output (digital LED stripes behind TV) this channel delivers its data only as DMX512 protocol. To connect some simple RGB LED stripes to this channel an adddtional converter is needed: DMX512 to RGB converter. This converter can be get at moderate price for about 20€ and is able to drive 3 x 4 ampere at 12V which allows to connect 5 meter and more of simple LED stripes. Also those simple RGB LED stripes can be get for less then 5€ per meter, so overall material cost won't be very high.

SCIMO surround LEDs



To connect a DMX512 based system to SCIMO a additional board is needed where some simple signal adaption is done:

SCIMO DMX512 Interface

Plug on left side (input) is connected to SCIMO where:
- Pin1 = SCIMO LED connector Pin "GND"
- Pin2 = SCIMO LED connector Pin "clk"
- Pin3 = SCIMO LED connector Pin "5V"

On right side (output) i have added RJ45 connector that an common CAT5 cable can be used for data transmission. Also most of DMX512 to RGB converter are having RJ45 connector so that wiring should be easy and cheap.



available paramters for surround LEDs

parameter name default value example possible values description



0, 1 activate/deactivate surround LED channel

0 = inactive
1 = active
GammaCorrection_Sur 1.9



0.50 - 5.00 This value has big influence on behavior, a lower value (e.g. "1.6") has the effect of smoother color mixing and is more relaxed for eyes. A bigger value (e.g. "2.2") gives more exciting color effects with sharper and saturated colors, which is for example nice at action games. This value has also big influence on color matching to TV.
BrightnessMin_Sur 1.0



0 - 100 % LEDs won't set darker than this value, helps to keep a minimum of brightness which is more relaxed for eyes.
BrightnessMax_Sur 100.0



0 - 100 % LEDs won't set brighter than this value, usefull if LED stripes equipped with very bright LEDs.
RedCorrection_Sur 1.00



0.00 - 1.00 Usefull to fine-tune colors from LED stripe to match colors from TV.
GreenCorrection_Sur 1.00



0.00 - 1.00
BlueCorrection_Sur 1.00



0.00 - 1.00
Color_Averaging_Sur 10.0



0.0 - 20.0 By increasing this parameter a more averaged color mixing (averaged over time) is output to LEDs.

0 = no averaging


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